Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who loves your feets?

So far I haven't blogged much about knitting because...well, I'm still in blogging practice mode, which means I have maybe two-point-five regular readers, all of whom I have already bored with talk of what's on my needles.

I am rather proud of my first pair of socks (pattern by the Yarn Harlot) though. They were for Brendan, but I'm modeling them here (pre-blocking) because I was impatient to get a photo up on Ravelry. He says they fit like a pair of gloves. Hooray!

I can see myself getting totally addicted to sock-knitting. This reminds me of an op-ed (if you can even call it that) I wrote for the Washington Square News entitled "Trash Your Panties: Going Commando with Camille." (I was going to say it was tongue-in-cheek but that sounds a little dirty under the circumstances...) Anyway, towards the end of the piece I suggested that socks replace ladies' underpants as fetish objects:

I recommend socks for their wintry practicality and distance from the danger zone.

I should dig out that piece and post it here sometime. It was one of the better things I wrote for the paper at NYU (sadly enough).

(I've just finished this pair for Seanan. Pattern here.)

Next entry will be all about CĂșirt, the international literary festival going on right now in Galway.

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Kate said...

I think you're shortchanging yourself--I think you definitely have 3 full readers. There's me and Elliot and I am sure there are at least a few other people that read it enough to make up a whole third person hehe. By the way, nice socks.