Friday, August 1, 2008

Rabbit Island

From anywhere along the Salthill promenade you can see a rather dramatic headland in the distance to the west (very picturesque at sunset), and I'd been wanting to walk out there for years but never got around to it until recently. This headland is called Rabbit Island because it's an island (though barely) at very high tide; haven't seen any rabbits on it though. Here's a view from the prom, with the Blackrock diving platform in the middle distance:

And the next couple photos are on the approach to Rabbit Island. You walk to the end of the prom and then climb over the stone wall into the caravan park, and after that the way is pretty clear.

The view from midway up the hill:

And the view from one of the lookout/make-out spots along the cliff:

(The second time we came up here, last Saturday, we stumbled upon a couple in an advanced state of deshabille...on her part, at least. Durty, durty. This place is not all that secluded, especially in broad daylight.)

Tee hee!


Kate said...

You peeping tom! Were they actually in that RV doing the dirty?

Camille DeAngelis said...

Excuse me! They were OUTSIDE, on the cliff in broad daylight, and I didn't gawp!

Ang said...

I was hoping to see some rabbits...