Friday, February 27, 2009

More for your listening pleasure

I haven't posted any Librivox links in awhile because I've mostly been listening to podcasts lately—though I recently finished listening to Dreams From My Father, which was terrific. Hearing President Obama read his own work more than makes up for the abridgment, and since I got the two-in-one edition from my grandparents for Christmas I still have The Audacity of Hope to look forward to!

Anyway, my new favorite podcast is the Paranormal Podcast, which features a thirty-minute to hourlong interview with an author/ investigator/what-have-you in each episode. It's not nearly as kooky as you might think—there are lots of tidbits to interest even confirmed skeptics (how the CIA employs psychics—"remote viewers" —on intelligence-gathering missions; the scientific aspects of after-death experiences; and suchlike). One of the psychics interviewed on the show posited that twenty percent of our thoughts don't actually belong to us, which is something even a die-hard skeptic would find difficult to reject out of hand (though I do wonder how one can possibly quantify it!)

And if you're interested in folklore, the episode on zombies is a must-listen. The guest author, Bob Curran, is from Northern Ireland, and he tells a wonderful, possibly-true story about a grandfather who comes back from the graveyard to visit his family. Well worth checking out on iTunes.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you like the show! Thanks so much for the great review!

Jim Harold
Host, The Paranormal Podcast

Brendanó said...

Next time you borrow some of my thoughts, be sure to give them a good scrubbing before putting them back.

Kate said...

I think it might give me nightmares--my dreams are weird enough.