Friday, October 16, 2009


Last weekend I went apple-picking with Angela, Matt, Kelly and Jeff at the Warwick Valley Winery.

We got cider (I had raspberry, yum!) and took our cups into the orchard for some one-handed picking. (Kelly also picked up a bottle of pear liqueur, which unfortunately tasted like turpentine, or maybe rubbing alcohol. However we described it at the time was very hilarious to me, but unfortunately I can't remember what it was. A couple pints of cider makes one very merry, but rather forgetful.)

We spent the night at Matt's family cabin in Highland Lakes in Sussex County, which is an absolutely gorgeous part of New Jersey— especially with all the fall foliage—and Kelly was finally forced to stop calling it "Dirty Jerz." Bwahahaha!

We got to the cabin late in the afternoon, and went for a walk by the lake.

There was a wedding going on in the clubhouse, and we considered crashing it, but contented ourselves with frolicking on the tiny beach:

(What a ham.)

(The view from the road.)

Things I neglected to take pictures of: inside the oh-so-cozy cabin, with an old wood-burning stove; apple pie and apple turnovers; rock-climbing in Montclair on Sunday afternoon (or attempted rock-climbing, in my case. I wimped out of climbing and only rappelled down, while Kelly kicked butt both up and down, and Matt and Angela of course made it look easy-peasy.)

One more awesome thing: Matt's grandmother's collection of owl figurines.


emmms said...

So many owls! I love other people's collections. They're always so strangely satisfying.

I wish we could go apple picking, but there's nowhere within biking distance! Looks like you had such a fab time.

Kate said...

I need to bring all the Jersey-haters to this place, so maybe they will also realize the error in their prejudices ;)

Camille said...

I probably should have clarified that the Warwick Valley Winery is technically just over the border in New York, but that lovely mountainous autumnal scenery is continuous. Montclair is gorgeous too. So bring on the Jersey-haters!!

Maggie, Dammit said...

I had no idea Jersey could look like that. Now I'm wondering what false images people have of Wisconsin.

My mom collects owls. *shudder*

K said...

Yay for apple-picking!

Angela said...

it's true, there are really pretty places in NJ!