Thursday, July 24, 2008

Festival Season (reprise)

Sunday night the Macnas parade drew an estimated 70 to 80,000 people. Here's a clip from the website:
A spectacular night time event, "Apocolopolis" is the city that never sleeps, a non-stop party spinning, flashing, beeping and thriving under the agreeable King Du Washawanna and his lovely wife Queen Free. But a sinister threat lurks behind this hall of smoke and mirrors, as the circus comes to town, all pounding drums and flashing flames, led by the terrifying Colonel Chuckle and his hordes of Clownmandos.
It was really fun—felt like the Emerald City on acid, lots of demented clowns and ghouls on stilts and mutant sea creatures busting out of their cages and such. It was hard to get a decent photograph, but here are my best attempts.

(Felt like this thing was staring at me for about ten minutes before the parade started.)

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Kate said...

That first one reminds me of something from The Labyrinth. It's kind of creepy, but at the same time it has a strangely benevolent look.