Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back in Carrick

When we were in Carrick-on-Suir back in March, Brendan took me to a beautiful spot called Millvale a couple miles outside town. The road is winding and wooded, and you hop over a stone wall and come down a steep embankment to find this:

This bridge was destroyed during the Civil War (in 1922 or 1923), and was later reconstructed.

It's so peaceful down here--all you can hear is rushing water, and the occasional car passing up above. There are bits of rubbish amid the undergrowth, even a few rusted car parts, but I think most of it was thrown over the wall. I can't imagine somebody coming down here to listen to the river and the wind in the trees, and then leaving their empty cans behind. We were lucky the weather held as long as it did.

And on our way to Millvale, we found loads of foxglove growing on the side of the road:

The weather has been cool and very capricious lately—sunny, overcast, and raining buckets all within the span of minutes. Funny how the wildflowers remind you it's actually July.

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Kate said...

Foxglove is a horrible name for such a beautiful flower. It should be called something like pink bells of glory.