Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Birds!

I feel a little guilty casting on a sweater for myself while Santa's workshop is open for business, but it is nice to work on something more ambitious in between cranking out the gifts. It's another pattern from Ysolda: Little Birds, from the inaugural issue of Twist Collective. I've been obsessed with this cardigan and itching to cast on for a whole year now. I bought the pattern without really considering if the cut of the cardigan would flatter me, however, and I think I'll find it more wearable as a pullover. I'm using Knit Picks Palette, which is a great value: soft, great colors, and only $1.99 or 2.19 a ball! A slightly different color scheme, too—green is more flattering than beige.

Raveled here.

Whenever I think about this sweater, I remember that song from Man of La Mancha:
Little bird, little bird
in the cinnamon tree

Little bird, little bird

do you sing for me?
...which is, of course, completely inappropriate. This sweater is sweet and innocent, and that song is just the opposite!


Emily said...

OK, two things:

1. I freaking ADORE that cardigan. So cute!

2. It's so funny that you bring up that "little birds" song, because it has lodged itself permanently in my head, and I use variations of it to narrate my days. If it's time to take the dog out I'll sing "Little dog, little dog, / In the walking dog tree," or if I'm filing my tax returns it'll be "Filing forms, filing forms, / In the IRS tree." Etc. I think it's just whenever I hear a phrase with that "one-two-three" cadence. (I have a few other songs that are similar - Elton John's "Rocket Man" often becomes "Shower Time," for example.) Aaaaand, the moral of the story is that I'm an oddball. :-)

Kate said...

That's going to look so cute on you! Birdies!