Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eastern Europe retroblog: Belgrade

We were only in Belgrade for a day—but what a day! We visited the Tesla museum and hung out in the fortress-slash-park; and while we were having dinner in a very charming old part of the city, it started to pour like crazy. Our table was outside under an awning, so the whole thing was rather dramatic from where we were seated.

(Isn't this the loveliest wrought ironwork you've ever seen? It's the front door of the Tesla museum.)

(I don't remember the name of this church, if I ever knew it.)

Next installment: Kotor, Montenegro.


Pare said...

TESLA! So jealous.

Also, this whole scheduled post thing gets me excited that you're sitting out there hundreds of miles away behind your computer...and then I realize you're not. :(

Kate said...

Tesla doesn't get enough credit for the alternating current. I was so ignorant before going to Belgrade--the beauty of traveling!