Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eastern Europe retroblog: Hvar

Hvar was probably my favorite stop on our Eastern European adventure. Lavender fields (which we did not actually get to see, but we picked up plenty of soap and sachets to bring home), azure sea, perfect weather, atmospheric old town...

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Hvar is going to be the highlight of our trip, I just know it. We arrived on the ferry from Split last night (at 6pm, still plenty light out) and found a guy who brought us back to an adorable little apartment with an ivy-draped terrace for only 80 kuna per person per night. That’s about $15. (Most hostels cost more than that!)

I’m sitting at the table on this terrace and a little lizard just darted across the rough stone wall. I’m drinking Earl Grey, waiting for K&E to return from shopping for breakfast and feeling content. We got pasta, bread, and white wine and ate out here last night—more satisfying than many of our dining-out experiences here. When it got dark we lit a pillar candle and listened to the strains of the music festival down in the town square—there was some sort of choir performing (it sounded more like a barbershop quartet, with more than four), and cheesy pop and U2 and Sting playing at break-times. There were ten-year-old ballerinas (all in pink, of course) hanging around outside the supermarket—free food and red balloons.

There is a very eloquent little sparrow sitting on a wire nearby…

(That's Kate's underwear on the line right over Elliot's head, by the way.)

Next post: Split!

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Kate said...

The beautiful beaches, lavender fields, and awesome apartment made this one of my favorite places too. What Camille didn't say was that I later tried to use that underwear as a weapon against Elliot teehee!