Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back in Babyville

I haven't mentioned my knitting in ages, mostly because I've been making gifts:

I knit this for Sally, my Mary Modern editor, who had a baby girl in April. It's the infamous Pea Pod Baby Set by Kate Gilbert, which is no longer available online (so many people on Ravelry are frustrated that they can't knit it). If you are reading this and don't have a copy, you know that I couldn't possibly email it to you if you dropped me a line to ask. Oh, no. (Raveled here.)

The Little Coffee Bean Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith is my new favorite pattern—I knit these for Lindsay's baby (due in July) and my nephew (sized up for a 2T). Let me tell you, I'll never knit a baby cardi in pieces ever again, and crazy stripes are a great way to use up odd balls. As you can see, the sleeves on the second Little Coffee Bean are much longer—I knit the first version to the pattern, but then I decided I wasn't too keen on the half-length sleeves; although I guess I'd have to see it on the baby to know for sure if it would look odd or not. (Raveled here and here.)

This hat (super-easy pattern here) isn't for any baby in particular—I just wanted to knit something fast that would cheer me up the week my grandfather died. (Raveled here.)


Kate said...

I love the hat on the Care Bear!

The sweaters are pretty cute too ;)

Susan said...

The care bear himself has just recently had a bath. I thought I would publish that for the general public who might be interested (or concerned ;-))