Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Night in Connemara

Last weekend I went to Leenane for a night with Paige and the M.A. girls. I took a walk to a graveyard overlooking Killary Harbour, wrote, read, knit, and went for a wonderful dinner at the Blackberry Café. Then we stayed up late in the hotel sitting room drinking G&Ts. It was lovely!

It rained pretty much the whole time, but at least the rhododendrons were in full bloom.

I have told many people that I am on a yarn diet (at least until the fall), but there was one exception—I needed a few more balls of Kilcarra Aran Tweed for birthday/holiday presents, and I had a hunch the Sheep and Wool Museum (cum souvenir shop and tea room) would sell it for less (€3.25 a ball instead of €3.65, 3.75 in the city, which is quite a cheeky price actually). I went back to the hotel bar and gleefully told Paige I had yarn in my pants. Which was true. It was pissing rain, and I tucked the paper bag o' yarn inside my Goretex. (Please don't hesitate to tell me I'm crazy. Believe me, I know.)


paige said...

I love these pics! (do send along, please.) And yes, you are crazy. I refuse to befriend the sane. ;)

Kate said...

Gin and tonics! Camille, I'm shocked! Straight gin for me ;)