Sunday, May 17, 2009

Springtime in Tipperary

This past week I visited Seanan and his family in Tipperary. The weather was perfect, and we went for several wonderful afternoon rambles. Above: chive grass in Bán's garden (we ate some of the heads, which tasted just like onions); tussling with Rory in the garden before walk #1.

Because it was Sunday, we were able to go along a new dual-carriageway under construction. We scuttled through a drainage pipe, which was eerie and fun—made me feel fourteen again. This overpass is a popular spot with skateboarders, hence this silly pose.

The next day we went for a walk in the hills near Seanan's house.

A bluebell wood, a babbling brook, and plenty of sunshine—heavenly!

The walk on the third day was shorter, since we were going to see Coraline in the evening. (Highly, highly recommended, by the way. I liked it even better than the book.)

St. Patrick's Well.

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Kate said...

More enchanted forests! Those flowers look like Grandpa's elephant garlic on top of a stem.