Monday, February 1, 2010

Socks for the New Year

(Happy Birthday, Shelley!)

I love travel knitting because whatever you wind up working on will bring to mind all the other experiences you had during that trip. These socks will always remind me of hanging out at Seanan's with Deirdre and Diarmuid, and meeting Emma at Foyle's, and that lazy snowy day in Rye, and the sweet ladies in the Ryanair queue (after our flight was cancelled) who had a bet going as to what I was working on (one said socks and the other guessed it was a sleeve on a baby sweater), and knitting with Jenny and John at a pub in Galway that looks like somebody's great-granny's sitting room, and 'crafterevening' with Shelley, and staying up until 4 with BrĂ­d in Dublin.

This pattern is fantastic. I really enjoyed working with the yarn too, although I wish I'd read the Ravelry comments about Smooshy before I decided to knit socks, because a lot of people say it doesn't wear well. The twisted rib feels quite sturdy though, so we'll see.

Pattern: Julia Socks by Emily Johnson
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, spring tickle (one hank with enough left over for a pair of baby booties, yay!)
Needles: #1s
Raveled here.

(Yes, I stuck my feet in the air and took a picture.)


Emily said...

Ooh, look at your gorgeous Julias! Well done, indeed. I love your comments about memories worked into travel knitting, as well - I so love that idea.

Kate said...

Those are some sexy socks!

Susan said...

pretty socks on pretty feet!