Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eastern Europe retroblog: Split, part 1

The view from the train from Dubrovnik to Split (if I remember correctly, this landscape is technically in Bosnia—check out the map).

We found ourselves in Split (in Croatia) twice, before and after our trip by ferry to Hvar Island. (Oops—I should have posted 'part 1' before Hvar!) We didn't spend the night either time, but we had several hours to spend sightseeing each way, and on sojourn #1 we visited Diocletian's Palace, which dates from the late third, early fourth century A.D.

It's a huge complex, some parts below and some above ground, and it's so well preserved that there are actually shops and market stalls located inside it.

Elliot at the entrance to...erm...I can't remember, even with the aid of Google. Cool shadow, though, no?

Below: the cathedral bell tower, which we climbed. Felt kinda woozy at the top—I'm not terribly good with heights but I always make myself go up anyway.

Hammin' it up, as usual. We found a good pastry shop on the quay, and sat on a bench under those palm trees where we spilled powdered sugar all over ourselves.

Next: Split, part 2.

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Kate said...

Oh those pastries were to die for! So creamy and delicious!