Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eastern Europe retroblog: Split, part 2

I haven't felt like writing lately, let alone blogging, but sometimes the way to feel like doing something again is just to do it. I got some good writing done today for the first time in a week and a half, and now—back to the retroblog!

One last post about Croatia. After Hvar, we spent another afternoon in Split before taking a train to Mostar in Bosnia.

A passionflower spotted in a public park.

This time we took a short bus trip out to Salona, the extensive ruins of a Roman city built on an earlier Greek settlement. It took us awhile to walk through the whole site, which has a bit of everything: streets, temples and early Christian churches, homes, public baths, aqueducts, a large amphitheater...

We met hardly any other tourists here—it was eerily quiet. The last picture reminds me a little of the ruined Emerald City in Return to Oz (kind of a bad film, I know, but a guilty-pleasure childhood throwback).

Next up: Mostar and Sarajevo.


Pare said...

If by "guilty-pleasure childhood throwback" you mean COMPLETELY TERRIFYING, then yes, I suppose Return to Oz could be called a guilty-pleasure childhood throwback.

Kate said...

Seeing these ruins gets me excited for all of the ruins (although of a very different age) that we are going to see this summer!