Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eastern Europe retroblog: Bucharest

(A grave marker in the courtyard of the folk museum.)

Everywhere we went in Romania, people seemed incredulous that we would want to spend a night in Bucharest. Truth be told, we were only there to have lunch (which turned into just drinks—alas, there was a misunderstanding with the dates) with my Romanian publisher, but we ended up really enjoying our visit to the folk museum, and the weather was great (which always improves your opinion of a place, no? can't help it.)

And of course, the architecture and vaguely Byzantine holy art were highlights.

We watched a restoration artist high up on the scaffolding, touching up these frescoes (are they actually frescoes?) And the courtyard of another church building nearby:

(Ornamental caryatids outside the arcade where we had dinner for Elliot's birthday.)

Next up: a whirlwind visit to Belgrade, complete with a flash flood.

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Kate said...

You forgot about the amazing breakfast that I made for Elliot's birthday...well amazing considering what I had to work with ;)