Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eastern Europe retroblog: Sighişoara

Sighişoara, a medieval citadel town in Transylvania, was easily my favorite stop in Romania—by turns tranquil and spooky. Plus, Sigguhshwahruh rolls so satisfyingly off the tongue! (We have been informed that this pronunciation is not quite correct, which fortunately does not make our way any less fun to say.)

On the train from Budapest. I'm reading The Pesthouse by Jim Crace, my own personal Santa Claus. (Got oodles of compliments on that t-shirt, including a marriage proposal from another American tourist in Dubrovnik.)

A view of the 14th-century clock tower from the center of town; the view from the top (doesn't it make you want to live here forever and ever?); allegorical clock figures; a shot of the handrail.

It's a long way from Jersey.

Next is Sighişoara part 2: the covered staircase and the Church on the Hill.


Pare said...

Yes, it makes me want to live there for ever and ever.

Except after six months I'd come crawling home to Wisconsin like the giant homesicky don't-belong-anywhere-else dairy dependent I am...

Kate said...

As romantic as the place might be, you'd have gotten tired of the bleeding cardboard cutouts of Vlad Ţepeş pretty quickly ;)