Friday, March 5, 2010

Eastern Europe retroblog: Sighişoara, part 2

The torture and weapons museums were a barrel of laughs and all, but my favorite sight in Sighişoara is the Church on the Hill. It is the most picturesque graveyard I have ever had the pleasure of wandering through. To get there, you climb a covered staircase dating to the 17th century:

And at the top there's a church (locked, when we went), and a rectory:

(Lucky priests!)

And then there's the graveyard, with all the old headstones tucked into the hillside.

Elliot: "Give me some of that coconut chocolate."
Kate: [farts]

Next: Piatra Craiului.

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Kate said...

That must have been hard to be traveling with a young child ("Kate"). I hope people don't think that was me. Obviously I wouldn't do such a thing.